Greta Garbo’s Insta-Worthy Apartment Sold For $8.5 Million

Swedish siren of the silver screen, Oscar winner, and actual film legend Greta Garbo had one hell of a home. The actor’s former apartment, located in the exclusive Campanile, hit the market in March and recently sold for well above the asking price.

Up from the initial asking price of $5.95 million to a whopping $8.5 million, the home went under contract almost as soon as it hit the market, finding the final buyer in December. Garbo lived in the 2,900 square foot apartment for over 40 years until her death in 1990.

The place itself is a three bedroom stunner with a home office, oak floors, a working fireplace and a laundry room (pause to imagine Greta Garbo searching for a missing sock).

The apartment retained much of Garbo’s art and furniture, including the rose-hued Fortuny silk she loved. According to the Wall Street Journal the direct connection to Garbo helped raise the final sale price:

The home went on the market with much of Ms. Garbo’s artwork and furniture, as well as her pink-and-green color palette, intact; those items weren’t included in the sale. “The apartment in many respects was much as it was when she lived in it,” said Woody Kerr. “That was of great interest to the people we showed the apartment to.”

The Stockholm born actress apparently loved the apartment because it reminded her of Sweden. Velvet sofas, pink rugs and a love of Scandinavian touches? Looks like Greta Garbo was decades ahead of our favorite current trends.

h/t Jezebel

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