Recent A-Frame Redos That’ll Make You Want To Hibernate Hard

(Image credit: Submitted by Sasha)

If there’s anything to love about winter, it’s definitely hunkering down in cozies, bundling up, sipping coffee and feeling completely hygge. Warm textures, comfortable clothes, and crisp winter air —it’s enough to make you want to hibernate through the entire season! Luckily, today we’ve rounded up a few of our favorite a-frame redos, because, really, what’s better than shacking up in a majestic a-frame?

Sarah Sherman Samuel’s Palm Springs Cabin

This may be no surprise to you, but Sarah Sherman Samuel is absolutely killing it. While launching her custom wallpaper earlier this year, then introducing her new line of hardware (need), she somehow managed to have a baby somewhere in between. But did you know that she also recently gutted and transformed an a-frame cabin in Palm Springs? (Of course she did).

What started as a very dark, brown, and uninspiring space, was turned around in record time to become the incredibly bright, open, and completely dreamy space that it is today. Let’s all stare at it together.

Jason and Laura Odell’s 1960s California A-Frame

Following an impromptu trip to visit a sad looking a-frame on the edge of Big Bear Lake in California, Jason and Laura decided to turn this forgotten space into a passion project. With a commanding black exterior and fun accents like a bold floral wall, the entire space has transformed from a classic cabin to a modern retreat.

Every detail in this space— from the freestanding midcentury fireplace to the black herringbone walls in the washroom and the soaring white beams in the living room— make this space a dreamy excuse to kick back, unplug, and take it easy. See the entire space over on My Domaine.

Kara’s Utah A-Frame Haus

And if you haven’t fully gotten your a-frame fix, check out this 1988 a-frame house near Park City, UT. And want to know the best part? It’s available to rent. You can actually STAY over at the A-Frame Haus nestled in the mountains.

Kara, the owner, spent the last year and a half renovating the cabin that her grandpa Frank built almost thirty years ago. Inspired by her family’s Scandinavian heritage the space has been renovated keeping all the original design intact, bringing in more light filled spaces with clean minimal design.



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