The Trading Spaces Reboot Has a (Slightly) Bigger Budget, But All The Authenticity

It’s been nearly a year since we learned that TLC’s home makeover fave Trading Spaces is returning to the airwaves. In that time you’ve no doubt had plenty of time to DIY yourself a red or blue Trading Spaces team shirt in preparation for the return of the show that launched design personalities like Genevieve Gorder, Vern Yip, and Ty Pennington to reality TV fame.

More recently, we dished on how the show will welcome back its veteran cast while also adding some fresh faces, like design pros and HGTV alums Sabrina Soto and John Gidding, to the fold.

Now, with the show’s spring 2018 premiere inching ever closer, we’ve got more details on what viewers can expect from the reboot. And if you’re expecting some Pinteresty, tech-heavy spin on the show, think again. Nope, this will literally be your mama’s Trading Spaces. “The new episodes we’ve made are like Coke Classic,” says the show’s host, Paige Davis. According to network execs, TLC is relying on what they know viewers loved.

So what does that mean exactly? Authenticity. Trading Spaces is embracing the authentic, rushed—and let’s face it—sometimes haphazard nature of the show.

“What one of our designers does with eggshells is shocking,” TLC executive Howard Lee recently spilled to TV Insider. “Dozens and dozens of eggs were harmed.” The constraints of a few days and $2,000 (doubled from the original $1,000, but still not a lot of cash to work with) doesn’t always buy design magic, but it does typically buy drama—and apparently lots and lots of eggshells. So if you’re looking for gleaming, magazine-ready, all-white-everything rooms, try a different show.

When it premieres this spring, get ready for eight, one hour long episodes. The reboot will showcase episodes set in three distinct cities: Atlanta, Los Angeles, and Baltimore. Just one more thing…

“Are you ready to trade spaces?”

h/t TV Insider



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