Tackle This Quick Refresh and Make Your Favorite Spot Look Flawless — The January Cure — Assignment #8

I’ve got a treat for both the newbies and the veterans of this year’s Cure: Today’s task is brand spanking new. It’s something that I know will have a major impact on not only the way your home looks, but how it works, too. Because if your home life is anything like mine, the deserving object of today’s hustle is a well-loved and much-used spot in your space.

The way the calendar shakes out, this year’s January Cure needed to be a few assignments longer than any of the past few years. That’s good, because it gives us a little extra time to get our homes into the best shape ever. But it also means that we Apartment Therapy editors had to put our brains together to come up with some new assignments — ones that were just as good, as helpful and as impactful as the more tried-and-true Cure tasks we’ve all come to love. I really think this one fits the bill.

Today’s Assignment:

Get your primary sofa into shape.

Remove all the cushions and give the naked sofa underneath a quick vacuum. Then vacuum and fluff each cushion as you toss them all back on.

When you return the cushions to the sofa, try to rotate and flip them around to new positions. How you fluff and flip from here depends on the design of your sofa — some have cushions that can’t be flipped, or shaped cushions that fit only in one particular place on the sofa. It’s like a fun puzzle you’ll have to solve, but the idea is to flip, turn and rotate each piece into a brand new position. The goal is to reveal fresh fabric and rotate cushions throughout different positions that get different amounts of wear (everyone’s got a favorite spot on the sofa, yeah?).

If you notice any stains as you’re going, treat them tonight. And if you notice any snags or fabric pilling that needs repair, get it done (if they’re more in-depth projects, you can add them to your future list).

Once you’re through with the vacuum-and-flip routine, drop your blankets and throw pillows back into place, giving each pillow a quick fluff.

If you’re feeling really inspired, you can move on and repeat the routine on any other sofas or cushioned chairs in your space. Or set a calendar reminder to do the same thing again in a few months from now. Or just stop here — that’s great too.

Let me know what you think of today’s brand new task in the comments. Was it easy to tackle in a night? Is there something else we should cover in next year’s Cure? Your feedback means the world as we shape programs like this — so thank you!

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