Welcome to 2018: This Smart Underwear Can Control Your Home

Oh how we love to track our steps and our health with our FitBits and other life-logging apps, but is actual wearable technology—like a new pair of underwear that connects to your Nest and adjusts your home temp according to your body temp—taking things a bit too far?

According to Mashable, a new line of “smart” underwear and bras called Skiin are tech-filled undergarments that can track what’s happening in your body and even use that data to control your smart home.

Debuted this week at the Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas — the annual “Fashion Week” of new tech products and trends — Skiin has some lofty goals, like using these washable smart garments enabled with sensors to “integrate technology into everyday apparel to create a continuous digital presence to better connect, enhance, and protect humanity.”

Sensors hidden in the smart textile fabric “seamlessly and accurately detect signals from your body 24/7,” including heart rate, motion and posture, hydration, breathing, temperature, and body fat, according to the Skiin website.

While the future implications of how health insurance companies or employers could use that private data — about how your heart rate or weight fluctuates, and using that against you (or simply raise your premiums) is troubling, there are also interesting, beneficial, and possibly even money-saving “smart home” uses, too.

For instance, as Mashable reported:

The company says it’s still working on its API for third-party developers, but already has a few integrations in the works. Connecting with Nest, for example, could automatically adjust your thermostat based on your body temperature. Another, with Spotify, would automatically queue up playlists based on your mood. The company says it’s also exploring integrations with game developers, which would automatically adjust gameplay based on the player’s stress levels.

Preemptive yeast infection or urinary tract infection warnings from the smart underwear would actually be very useful — as would be warnings from the sports bras about whether or not your boobs are properly supported. But connecting your undergarments to your Playstation 4, in order for the gaming system to “adjust game play based on your stress level” seems like it defeats the competitive quality — even if a holiday week marathon of vintage video games served as a good reminder about why this might be necessary.

Would you wear “smart undergarments”? If so, you can now pre-order Skiin from parent company/manufacturer Myant here.

// http://ift.tt/2BeEmmf


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