Before & After: This $20 Craigslist Cabinet Is Now Super Shoe Storage

Sage looked long and hard for the perfect piece for her entryway. It needed to fit the spot, and be deep and flexible enough to fit a variety of footwear. Most importantly, she didn’t want the visual mess of open shelving.

Sage didn’t want to spend too much so she first went the IKEA route, and ruled out a classic “fauxdenza” (made from stock cabinets mounted on the wall), before finally hitting up Craigslist in a long and patient search for something to work with. For $20 she found a stacked cabinet with shuttered doors and a lot of potential. From Sage:

I did initially wonder if I could strip down the paint to raw wood and refinish it, but it quickly became clear that the original material was not high quality enough for that — it’s very thin and is unlikely to have a nice finish based on what I could tell.

After priming and painting the two pieces, swapping out the legs, and adding new hardware, she rejiggered the shelving to get what she wanted. The formerly busted brown tower is now this stylish, functional long and low credenza. It sits perfectly underneath the window and packs in a lot of storage.

And here’s what they look on the inside, with shelving at various heights to accommodate the height of both taller boots and shorter shoes. She also kept a portion of one shelf in the right cabinet for gloves, hats and other accessories. Sage says it was very satisfying to load them up with shoes that had been lying in giant piles by the front door, something most of us can relate to.

Thanks so much for sharing Sage! Readers can see the entire process over on her site Plaster and Disaster.



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