Dream Job Alert: You Can Get Paid to Do Nothing

Have you ever been a few hours into a Netflix binge and wondered why you can’t just be professionally lazy? TUI, an airline and vacation agency in Sweden, is currently on the hunt for four “professional slackers.”

If hired as a professional lazy person you will have to do a few things. Slackers will be required to wear beachwear, sit in a chair with their toes in the sand, read a book, nap and ignore passers by. They’ll be sharing a room with a fellow idle human that is designed to resemble a Mediterranean beach.

The positions are part time and temporary, but other than that it’s basically a dream job. If you’re interested, you have to act fast, since applications are due on January 14th.

Slacker hopefuls should send in an application consisting of a picture or video of yourself relaxing, as well as your flip flop size. The site says they’re looking for very few qualifications but, “having no interest whatsoever in interacting with others and no ability at all to multitask is beneficial but not a requirement.” As for education they ask that “you hopefully slept through most of it.”

This dream job is sadly very temporary, only running from January 22nd through February 4th. But our deepest congratulations and eternal jealousy to the folks who do end up filling these esteemed positions.

h/t Travel + Leisure

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