You Might Have To Renew Your Passport Sooner Than You Think

Attention travelers: if you’ve been scouting Instagram for new vacation spots, take a hard look at your passport expiration date. You may need to renew sooner than you think.

For many popular tourist destinations, passports must be valid for six months past the date of travel. Although the U.S. has spoiled us, allowing travelers to use their documents until the final expiration day, European hotspots like Greece and Italy require six months of remaining validity.

Yes, passport renewal is a simple process, but with one small oversight, the six to eight week lead time can seriously interrupt travel plans. If you’re on a tight schedule, there are options to have your renewal expedited (for a fee, of course). Don’t miss out on that relaxing week in the French Riviera because of a minor clerical error.

If you’re approaching your last leg of validity and aren’t sure of the passport requirements for your next destination, here’s a detailed map of country requirements, courtesy of The State Department.

Your mind, body, and spirit will thank you later.

h/t Travel + Leisure



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