These Nurseries Inspired by Famous Children’s Authors Belong In a Storybook

Here’s something fun; Budget Direct put together a series of imagined and extravagant nurseries inspired by writers.

Now we’re certainly not suggesting you should run out to give your nursery a full Dr. Seuss makeover, because these rooms are certainly extra, but it is certainly fun to see how the trademark style of all of these authors translates into the rooms.

They do offer suggestions for elements from each photo that could be pulled into a real nursery for a whimsical look. For the Maurice Sendak room they suggest:

The color palette. Instead of the bright colors normally used in a nursery, this one would incorporate muted earth tones to create a warm, natural feel. And the designs would combine the beauty of crosshatched 19th-century prints with the playfulness of cartoons.

No word on where to source that desktop computer, however.

I personally love this sort of opulent ’90s looking Hans Christian Andersen inspired room. The windows in this room are seriously envy inducing.

Did you design your child’s nursery with a theme?

More interesting and inspiring children’s spaces:



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