This Tiny Countertop Dishwasher is a Small Space Dweller’s Dream

Many a renter has dreamt of a dishwasher while sticking their hands into soapy water, scrubbing a stubborn pot. And while there are many benefits of a portable dishwasher, some kitchens just don’t have the space. Earlier this week at CES, Heatworks announced Tetra, a compact, smart and energy efficient dishwasher here to offer some sweet dishwashing relief for the dishwasher-less among us.

Tetra is not only super compact, it’s attractively designed, internet compatible and doesn’t need a water hook up. Heatworks has been pioneering new ways to heat water, using graphite electrodes that efficiently heat up the minerals in the water. It plugs into a regular wall outlet and users add the water by hand.

It holds significantly less than a traditional dishwasher, and is designed to wash two full place settings. It’s been proven that dishwashers in general conserve more water than hand washing, and if a two person household switched from hand washing to the Tetra, the company estimates that they would save 1,500 gallons of water a year.

Along with being both environmentally and tiny-kitchen friendly, the Tetra can provide hours (okay, minutes) of entertainment. With its transparent design users can watch the full washing cycle. The Tetra can also be used to wash clothes, so it is basically a New York apartment dweller’s dream come true. It will hit the market later this year for $300.

h/t Fast Co. Design

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