Before & After: This IKEA Hack Is Every Neat Freak’s Dream

Evygenia from Foxy and Brass has a small desk that’s tucked inside an alcove in her apartment, and it’s surrounded by built-in shelving. To get herself organized, she hacked an IKEA SKADIS pegboard to fit the space. Not only does the spot look ten times better, but the project solved more than one small space problem.

First she cut the pegboard exactly to size [note: the SKÅDIS pegboard isn’t currently available in the U.S.], then spent HOURS sanding to make sure the black paint adhered to the original white surface. She mounted the piece on plywood strips, then hung it on the wall — but not before painting the wall itself black so the lighter color wouldn’t come through the holes and ruin the effect. The last step was spray painting all the accessories gold, which really makes them stand out against the matte black.

From Evygenia:

I really didn’t want to have to sand, but I realized (after some tests) that when I tried to paint over the current white pegboard as it was, the paint didn’t stick and just scratched off. This wouldn’t have been a huge issue if I had planned to use these pegboards solely as wall decoration, but I wanted to use them like proper pegboards — (with the hooks and other removable accessories) so sanding had to be done!

Here’s what it looked like afterwards:

And here’s the clever part. This project both camouflages the television, gives her more storage options, and Evygenia was able to hide all the cords and wires in that space between the pegboard and the wall. Now everything looks tidy, clean and much more organized.

Thanks so much for sharing Evygenia! For more projects and her artwork, check our her IG account called Foxy and Brass or see the full tutorial here.



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