The 2′ x 7′ Storage Space You’re Probably Overlooking

When it comes to storage, most people will agree that the more you have, the better. In small spaces, especially powder rooms and washrooms, you’re forced to problem-solve and reconsider all available real estate — including that 2’x’7 slice of vertical space above your toilet. Here are a few of our favorite ways to maximize this special spot in your loo, in ways that are both useful and decorative.

1: Ladder Up

We love this pretty pink washroom by Our Fifth House. With a limited area to work with, Carmel opted for a bamboo ladder in lieu of a towel bar. It became the perfect spot to hang cloths to dry and add some life in the form of greenery — a creative and refreshing use of space.

We also love this take on over-the-toilet ladder storage by Brittany at Hooked on Houses. Here she’s added a wire basket that houses her toilet paper rolls. (And we can’t get enough of that floral focal wall either….)

2: Double (Or Triple) Down

Go for variety by adding both a towel rack, as well as a shelf or cabinet, stacked on top of each other. With space for hand towels, makeup brushes, and more, we think is an excellent use of this area.

For a non-traditional spin, suspend storage from the ceiling. It can be as easy as informal wire baskets on a hook, as seen in this Pennsylvanian home..

Or DIY something custom, like this rope shelving from Amber Interiors. Add as many tiers as you like, depending on the height of the ceiling.

3. Built It In

Of course, if you’re building or renovating your washroom, consider something more permanent as an option. Not only will it be functional, but can add architectural interest and character as well. Above, in this London bathroom, the toilet is built into a protruding wall, which provides space for a shelf above. They increased storage with some additional closed wall units to stash stuff out of sight.

Recessed shelves are another great way to have both open and closed storage in the form of baskets & boxes, with beautiful items on display— like perfumes, soaps and lotions (or that seashell you got on your amazing trip to Maldives). From House and Home.



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