Before and After: A Tiny Outdated Camper’s Remarkable Remodel

The interior of a 16-year-old camper is as outdated as you might imagine. Even in the best of conditions, green carpet, over-sized (not trendy) floral patterns and some questionable wood veneer can leave a small space feeling even smaller. That’s what makes this stylish — and affordable! — RV remodel so great. It now looks good and feels much larger than just 188 square feet.

Previously we toured the bright, airy and teeny home of Mandy and Kevin Holesh…and their four pets.

The creative couple bought the camper two years ago for just $5000 (under their budget), so they were able to make some attractive changes to the interior.

They also had super simple but kind of brilliant advice to newbies of the home-on-wheels life…pick a camper that has a layout you like. That way, you only have to make cosmetic changes.

The entire home was a DIY project, from laying new flooring (goodbye carpet), to adding a new sink, to creating DIY lighting and window coverings.

Kevin is an app developer and Mandy is a wedding photographer, and you can learn more about their home and life on their website: 188 square feet



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