4 Things On Sale Today Your Dog Will Love (That’ll Make Your Life Easier)

Our four-legged friends are basically family members who require a few household items to be comfortable (dogs: they’re just like us!) and, as they do every day, Amazon has some good deals to scoop up. Today’s offering include some great supplies for your canine companions—many of which will make your life a whole lot easier, too. From a micro-suede dog bed to an electronic nail trimmer, here are four things on sale today at Amazon that you and your furry friends will love.

Such a happy pup!

(Image credit: Amazon)

Made of buttery smooth micro-suede with a warm coral fleece interior, this super plush dog bed is probably the kind of stuff dogs dream of (well, maybe). Normally priced around $70, today you can score one of these comfy cuties for your pooch for just 45 bucks.

Any pet owner will tell you that trimming their furry friends nails can be tricky (read: a pain in the rear comparable to your yearly visit to the DMV). Luckily, Amazon is offering more than 60% off one of their bestselling electric nail trimmers today, so you can shorten your pooch’s nails in half the time (and for only $13).

For as fun as traveling in the car with your canine can be, things can also get pretty hairy. This majorly marked down pet seat cover is constructed with super soft cotton and plush waterproof polyester, so your dog can ride comfortably in you car without leaving any mess behind.

Looking for an easy way to manage your dog’s shedding problem without having to splurge on a trip to the groomer? This top-rated grooming brush effectively reduces shedding by up to 95%—if you do it for just 10 minutes a day—and will only set you back ten bucks if you buy before 3:30PM EST.

// http://ift.tt/2BeEmmf


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