The House That Lizzie Maguire Built (Well, Sort of)

I’m about to confess something that I’m definitely not ashamed of, though…maybe I should be? Nah, I’m not. I’m a thirtysomething grown woman and I still love Lizzie McGuire.

In fact, I pulled out my DVD box set not that long ago to re-watch the first two seasons of the circa 2001 Disney Channel show featuring Hilary Duff and, after blowing the dust off and out of my Blu-Ray player, fell right back into step with one of my favorite crimped hair middle schoolers. And considering I dragged myself out of bed after a week with the flu as not to miss an early-release showing of The Lizzie McGuire Movie back in 2003, it’s safe to say I was going to be on team Hilary for as long as she was relevant (and probably after, too).

As Insta-stalking had only produced glimpses into her living quarters, I’ve been left with a burning desire to know what the home of super fashionable grown up Lizzie, er…I mean, Hilary, looks like. Well, Better Homes & Gardens has answered my mental queries, as Hil’s sweet, sweet Los Angeles pad was just published in the magazine’s February 2018 issue (on newsstands now).

Let’s take a look:

Designed by Shannon Wollack and Brittany Zwickl of Studio Life.Style, the home is a whirlwind of color, pattern and retro nods that still comes off warm and inviting. “Hilary wanted her home to feel feminine and modern but definitely lived-in and cozy,” Wollack tells BHG.

While the main seating area of her living room feels totally mod and glam, the other reads worldly, timeless. To get the look, the designers were sure to offset contemporary silhouettes with antique pieces. “It was a balancing act,” Zwickl is quoted saying. “The key was merging all the elements together and keeping scale in mind.”

Oh boy this indoor (and outdoor) kitchen is a feast for the eyes. From the blueberry hued cabinetry and gold hardware to the double island (because yes, being a Hollywood starlet buys you a prep island and a dining island), it’s hard to look away. “The tiles screamed at me when I first saw them,” Hilary says of the Ann Sacks pattern. “They were so happy. I knew they’d bring a jolt of energy into the house.”

While a William Morris wallpaper might be a little fuddy duddy for some, Hil’s designers made it feel fresh and friendly. “I grew up with wallpaper. My mom was fanatical about it, so it makes me feel nostalgic,” she tells BHG.

Now that that itch has been scratched, the only question I have left is, what on earth happened to Miranda Sanchez (and what does her house look like)? Any intel is much appreciated.

See more of Hilary’s home online at and, for a full look, don’t miss the February issue on newsstands right now.



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