This Grocery Store Is Selling A Reverse Snuggie For People With Cold Feet

While it’s questionable where this product falls on the hygge/lazy spectrum, we just had to share this new take on the Snuggie (or Slanket, depending on your brand loyalties) that was brought to our attention, courtesy of one European grocery store.

German supermarket chain Lidl—which has a growing number of locations on the East Coast from Delaware to South Carolina here in the U.S.—sells more than just groceries. Like a Target or Walmart, there are also home products (including some furniture that resembles IKEA).

The “bootsy snuggle blanket” is one of those non-food items, and is for sale in the UK and Ireland for £11.99 (yes, it’s also available at U.S. locations for $9.99, but only in brown). Instead of having sleeves like a Snuggie, it has “integrated slipper boots” to keep your toes toasty instead. Sure, you could just wear socks, but that would de-feet the purpose.

Plus, everyone has that one person in their life who is always cold, and this might cut down on the annoying habit of that person sticking their ice cold feet under your bare legs on the couch, Amanda.

The bootsy blanket isn’t the only recent development for those with chilly toes; Feejays are convertible sweatpants that picked up steam last year, with a sock-like addition that could be worn or removed, depending on preference.

Would you get your bootsy blanket on? Tell us in the comments.

h/t Daily Edge



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