Grace and Frankie Season Four Hits Netflix Today

If you’re thirty going on seventy, you may have already binge-watched the first three seasons of Netflix’s Grace and Frankie. Blend up some green smoothies and/or a pitcher of margaritas and kick back this weekend, because the show starring Jane Fonda and Lily Tomlin airs its fourth season on Netflix starting today, January 19.

If you haven’t seen it, you may think this show is more your aunt’s speed and less yours, but I implore you to try it all the same. It centers around two women in their 70s, a demographic you almost never see on TV, and its primary relationship is their friendship. They’re the odd couple, but with swearing, and a way better wardrobe. Who wouldn’t want to kick it in a beach house with Fonda and Tomlin, knocking back dry martinis and kombucha (respectively)?

If you’re caught up, here’s what you can expect to see in season four, according to the trailer:

  • Lisa Kudrow is a guest star! She’s Sheree, a rhinestone-covered Phoebe Buffay type and a friend of Fonda’s character.
  • The grown kids are barely in the trailer, but we do know there’s a baby on the way, and that Grace is pumped.
  • Sol and Robert are considering the possibility of an open marriage. Judging from how jealous each of them has proven to be in previous seasons, I can’t imagine that change could go over well.
  • Grace and Frankie’s vibrator business continues and honestly, the entrepreneurial spirit captured in this show is one of my favorite parts about it.
  • More of Jane Fonda dropping the F-bomb, which will never not be funny.

Stream Grace and Frankie on Netflix.



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