23 of the Most Creative Homemade Signs From Women’s March 2018

Today was the one year anniversary of Donald Trump’s inauguration—and one year minus a day since more than two million people around the world marched in what was likely the largest single-day demonstration in recorded U.S. history. Both events kicked off a turbulent year marked by protest: days later, for instance, demonstrations erupted across airports following the ban of visitors and refugees from seven Muslim-majority countries. This year, a lot has frustratingly stayed the same, but a lot has changed too. Today, hundreds of thousands once again took to the streets, fueled by the growing #MeToo movement.

With protest, of course, come signs. Last year’s Women’s March resulted in a bump in art supply sales, boosting everything from permanent markers (12 percent) to foam boards (42 percent). And the Twitter generation knows how to send a message (remember: “IKEA has better cabinets”). Or who could forget this viral sign from last year’s march?

While some truly beautiful professional art came out of the 2017 Women’s March (100 of which were part of a touring exhibit), we love the handmade signs the best. They’re clever, they’re beautiful, and, en masse, they send a really powerful message about the times we’re living in. Here are some of the most inventive and poignant signs from this year’s demonstrations, here in New York and around the country. We tip our hats to their creative spirit.

(Image credit: Kristin Gower)

(Image credit: Kristin Gower)

(Image credit: Kristin Gower)

(Image credit: Kristin Gower)

(Image credit: Kristin Gower)

(Image credit: Kristin Gower)

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