Before & After: A Temporary Upgrade For A Basic Backsplash

We love sharing DIY projects that can temporarily improve apartments, and the many smart ways to mask the old and the ugly. Although this particular backsplash transformation was pulled off by a homeowner, and what was there was already quite nice, there’s still a great takeaway for all the renters in the world. This project is for you!

South African-based mom and designer Karen Kelly used her Silhouette machine to make these fun, adhesive tiles out of vinyl. They are easy to apply: just peel and stick, making sure to center them on the tile. Karen laid hers over her kitchen’s basic square tile with dark grout lines, and the pattern blends right in as if they were born together. If you don’t want to make them yourself, she sells them in packs of six on her website Lovilee for 150 Rand (which is about $12 USD).

Vinyl is a great, non-permanent, decor solution for tile. It’s easy to apply to smooth tiles and can just as easily be removed. If you get sick of the pattern, or move on from your rental, no problem. (Unfortunately, once you peel them off, you can’t save them to use elsewhere.) Still, it’s an affordable and very do-able project, that doesn’t take a lot of time — worth it for however long they are up on the wall. This material also works well as a backsplash because it’s easy to clean: just wipe with a damp cloth to get rid of grime and dirt.

Great transformation and thanks so much for sharing! To see more photos and information about the installation of these tiles, head over to Lovilee for more. She’s also got some fun downloads and other DIY projects.



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