Our Favorite Source for Stylish Home Decor Finds on a Budget

I love home decor, and every year I go to ICFF, which is like, a runway show for furniture, and I see the most beautiful things and they all make my heart beat a little quicker, and for the most part they are all so, so expensive. Like, “This costs as much as a used car” expensive. Usually, decor is a lot like fashion, where if you want the strange, lovely, avant-garde things, you have to wait three years for the big box store version. But lately, a few retailers are disrupting that. Case in point: Urban Outfitters’ new spring collection, which is chock full of cutting-edge looks at that sweet I-graduated-from-IKEA-now-what price point.

’80s Renaissance

It’s been apparent for some time now that when it comes to interior design, the ’80s are back, and in a big way (love it or hate it). Fortunately, thus far this has meant bright colors and playful shapes, and not chintzy florals and duck borders—more Memphis, less Laura Ashley. This playful Ollie sofa would not look out of place in a collection of Italian architect and designer Ettore Sottsass‘ creations—although it’s been rendered in a very 2018-friendly Millennial pink.

Another almost-’80s favorite is this bookshelf, whose playful shape and white-painted edges dress up a utilitarian piece.


It seems like one day, terrazzo was the frumpy flooring of choice for aging mid-century office buildings, and then all of a sudden, it was super cool and absolutely everywhere. If you’d like to get the look, you could do worse than this terrazzo coffee table. Sure, it’s not so cheap for a small coffee table, but for a terrazzo piece it’s not bad. I’m also a big fan of this nesting set from Anthropologie, which will set you back $549.

Unusual, Textural Shapes

This quirky end table has that funky, handcrafted vibe, even if it’s not quite handmade. Use it to add a little bit of texture to a staid space.


The problem with those cute little neon signs is that usually they come with not-so-cute prices. Neon is apparently a pretty expensive technology, but you can get the look for less with this little sign that mimics the look with LEDs.

Funky Ceramics & Lighting

The decor world is suddenly awash in funky-looking ceramics. They’re a little ’70s, a little elementary school art project: weird in a good way. If scouring garage sales isn’t your thing, you could try this U-shaped creation from UO.


Caned furniture is one of my favorite new trends in the design world, and unlike a lot of other design-world things, it can be had for fairly reasonable prices. This lovely storage cabinet is sure to make any room, and if $729 is too much, IKEA has a similar version for $349.

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