The Most Popular Valentine’s Day Candy in Each State

State birds, state flowers, state motto… and now state’s best selling Valentine’s candy. That’s right, Candy Store just released the data around top selling treats for the year’s second most romantic holiday (the first is Halloween, please do not challenge me on this). And while the National Retail Association predicts a drop in spending in gifts for Valentine’s Day, the sweet tooth is still holding strong.

Using data from their site (Candy Store is a bulk candy retailer, FYI), they were able to parse out some interesting candy trends. Conversation hearts have been on a serious come up for the past few years with 8.2 billion hearts produced last year, and they are ready to take the top spot in 2018.

Which, allow me to take a break from strictly reporting on this story in order to turn this into an opinion piece: HOW, SWAY? Conversation hearts are terrible. They’re chalky and tasteless and leave a powder on your hands and say things that are the making of an excruciatingly boring conversation. It has long been popular to drag candy corn‘s name through the mud every Halloween (the most romantic holiday) so why don’t we as a zeitgeist get together to take on conversation hearts. Call me when conversation hearts A) taste good B) include talking points like “how’s your relationship with your dad?” and “are you watching The Good Place?”

Anyway, heart-shaped boxes of chocolate are the second most popular Valentine’s Day candy and Alabama is the only state that favors candy necklaces on Valentine’s Day.

Feel free to defend the honor of conversation hearts in the comments!

Valentine’s Day is less than a month away, ready yourself:



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