Levitating Glasses Exist, Because The World Is Magical

Feeling a little bored with your regular place settings? Wish your decor could be a little bit Harry Potter, a little bit Minority Report? Want to make sure your plants are getting 360 degree sunlight? Levitating X is here to make all your gravity defying decor dreams come true.

Using a chargeable base and a little bit of magic (aka technology) the company offers up a variety of cups, plates, sculptures and plants that levitate and spin.

Super sleek and extra futuristic, the main goal of Levitating X products is to turn something regular and mundane into something cool. Do your plates need to float? Absolutely not. Would it be cool to experience? Most definitely. The company gears its products towards dining professionals, the tech obsessed and those who just want a little ‘wow’ factor in their decor:

Although your whiskey tastes as good as it always tasted, the intent of the Levitating Cup is to enhance the experience surrounding the beverage, making your drinking experience more interesting and appealing to the mind.

Using electromagnetic suspension to stabilize whatever is floating above the base (the plates/cups/etc won’t work without the base) and the glasses and plates are shatter proof. Simply charge the base, rest the soon to be floating item on a brace, turn the base on, remove the brace and knock your guest’s socks off.

More gadgets and gizmos for the home:

// http://ift.tt/2BeEmmf


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