Barbie Meets Bon Iver In This Tiny House For Sale

If you’re one of those folks who can’t quite nail down their style, have we got a home for you. This adorable, 184 square foot tiny house manages to work in two wildly different looks into one small space. The exterior is full Barbie-goes-Queen-Anne, while the interior is rustic, with strong brood-in-some-flannel vibes.

For those interested in being the boldest tiny house on the lot, this purple and pink prize is on the market for $69,900. It comes with one lofted bedroom, though the house is listed as sleeping two to three people. The bathroom has a shower, composting toilet and a surprising amount of storage.

The inside of the tiny house gets its rustic look from the hickory flooring and hickory cabinets throughout. There’s a snug storage compartment in the base of the home and a decent amount of shelving is built-in.

And while it definitely has a woodsy, roughing it look, the house doesn’t skip on amenities. There’s air conditioning and a washer/dryer, so you don’t have to sacrifice comfort and clean clothes to live small.



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