Before and After: This IKEA Desk Just Defied Its Humble Beginnings

There are tons of IKEA furniture hacks out there—always fun!—but this is one of the subtler, classier ones we’ve seen. Individualizing the ubiquitous MICKE desk is a totally approachable project—and just as affordable as the desk itself.

This linen-wrapped desk (less-costly cotton could also be used, of course) was featured on Lark & Linen, along with extremely thorough step-by-step instructions. Here’s how Jacquelyn Clark of Lark & Linen described the results of her friend’s project:

So when she picked up this super inexpensive IKEA desk for her studio, and then proceeded to wrap it in linen to bring it to next-level status, I was equally impressed (per usual), as I was jealous of her creativity (per usual – ha!). The results look rich and luxurious, and you’d never know it’s an Ikea desk hack – which is exactly what you want from an Ikea desk hack (am I right!?).

The fabric is attached to the desk with Mod Podge, with foam core filling in the open right side of the desk. The final transformative step was adding gold bar handles—after drilling holes, of course. The solid brass handles featured are from The Mine and cost $13.41 each; there are similar brass-coated stainless steel pulls available from Amazon for $26.99 for a pack of 15. Whether or not you’d ever choose to decoupage a desk, this project is a great reminder that adding—or replacing—knobs and pulls can make a world of difference for any piece.

While the plain linen used in this DIY is classic and classy, you could use the same method to totally spice up your home office. Imagine the desk wrapped in something bold like a Marimekko print, cheerful and delicate like a Liberty London floral, or elegant and timeless like a nice pinstripe.

Thank you Lark & Linen!



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