A Last Conversation

Sometimes, deathbed confessions offer a legacy for all of us. This one is a composite of revelations I’ve heard from my career and personal coaching clients within the confidentiality of our sessions.

Just he and his wife were at his deathbed.

He said, “You were right. I had affairs. Nothing serious but I couldn’t resist the excitement. I could blame the affairs on their occurring during our marriage’s valleys but it wasn’t that. They occurred merely when a safe opportunity presented itself.”

She took a long time before responding. “I had an abortion without telling you. I knew you wanted the child but I didn’t, and I didn’t want to fight you about it.”

Now it was his turn again: “And I’ve hidden away $20,000. I wanted it to go to a charity after I died but I knew you’d want the money. Somehow now, as I am about to die, I feel like telling you. It’s in the garage behind the firewood.”

She broadened: “Did you really love me? Do you?”

“Looking back on my life, I think I wasn’t meant to get married.”

“I know that. You’ve told me that before. But did you love me? Do you love me? You’ve often said so but now that we’re being really honest with each other, I want to hear the God’s honest truth: Did you love me? Do you love me?”

“How can anyone answer that in full honesty? What does love mean? It has so many meanings.”

He gasped for breath and continued. “I can say that there is no one else on the planet whom I’d want to be here with me now.”

He cried, gasped again, reached out for her and died. She took his hand, stared into his closed eyes, and hugged him.



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