Kristen Bell Dishes Out Hilarious Parenting Advice In Her New Webseries ‘Momsplaning’

Whether you’ve got little ones at home or not, this new webseries is bound to make you pee your pants. Momsplaining with Kristen Bell is a six episode digital series following the mom of two as she takes viewers on a wild ride through parenthood.

“Look, my truth is I didn’t even know I wanted to have kids,” Bell told Ellen DeGeneres, who is helping to produce the series. “I don’t even like anybody else’s kids. Kids are cute but they’re sort of dirty and gross, and the idea of having them I was not super into it and then I got pregnant and I was like, ‘Okay, here we go!’ I basically help new moms walk through the stages of children with a little bit comedy.”

In a preview clip shown on Ellen’s talk show, Bell sits in on a maternity class with a folder full of unconventional mommy-to-be questions in hand. “Two words: cracked nipples. It’s not really a question, but it is a horror show so, let’s discuss.”

The webseries covers the not-so-glamorous (yet extremely rewarding) hurdles of being a mom. Watch as Kristen takes a hilarious dive into millennial parenting, picks the brains of the world’s most honest beings — children, and answers the age old question, “what does childbirth feel like?” Leading to a very real demonstration using a rubber band and a watermelon.

The first three episodes are available for streaming now on Ellen’s app, EllenTube, and her YouTube channel, while the others will debut each Friday starting February 2nd.

h/t People



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