75 Creative Valentine Box Ideas

Valentine Box-Making Ideas

It is that time of year again. The time when children in schools everywhere set out their carefully crafted Valentine box and anxiously await Valentine cards from their classmates. And candy. Who are we kidding? What they are really anxious for is that candy! Treats galore and sweet notes from their classmates (hopefully their crush leaves them a special one!) all housed in that perfect box that represents their interests and their creativity. They all want that unique box, but where to start? Start here! We have collected the best ideas from the internet to help at least the inspiration side of things easier!Creative Valentine Box Ideas #valentinecardbox #valentinebox #valentinesday

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Is it just me or are these Valentine boxes getting more and more elaborate each and every year? Right? Blame Pinterest, but then thank Pinterest because it is likely what brought you here – to the most amazing collection of Valentine box ideas that you will ever need. 75 super creative ideas to take all the work out of coming up with a creative idea AND making your little one proud!

We have:

Basically, we have got you covered! All the ideas include a link back to the original source and many include tutorials to help you recreate the same look!

Super Easy Valentine Box Ideas

Just because you want to simplify, does not mean you need to sacrifice creativity or cuteness. Here are a few ideas that shouldn’t require too much work, but are still winners! Save these ideas on your Valentine’s Day Pinterest board!

Easy Valentine Box Ideas Easy Valentine Box Ideas

1. Bullseye (Homemade Interest) – This idea is right on target! It is simple to put together and cute.

2. Valentine Jail (A Girl and a Glue Gun) – This one won’t require too many supplies and the labor is mostly cutting and gluing.

3. Monster (Giggles Galore) – Convert a tissue box into an adorable Valentine monster.

4. Rubiks Cube (Peppermint Plum) – This idea is super cute and easier than you would think! Get any square box and add colored squares to the sides!

5. Penguin (Mommyapolis) – A cereal box and some colored paper. Boom—done!

6. Shark (Christian Book and Toys) – It doesn’t get any easier than this, you can BUY this Valentine box online! No crafting required at all!

Valentine Box Ideas That Are Easy7. Tree (Make It Do) – I would never have thought to make a tree, but with the right container this would be no problem to whip up at all!

8. Bumble Bee (Life With Fingerprints) – What a smart idea to use paper plates!

9. Heart Eyes Emoji (Real Simple) – Another tissue box idea with a total modern flair!

10. Panda (Artsy Fartsy Mama) – Simplicity is sometimes the cutest! Look at those heart eyes!

11. Puppy Dog (Artsy Fartsy Mama) – How cute are those little heart-shaped ears?

12. Hippo (Fiskars) – This hippo box is totally doable and different too!

The Most Creative Valentine Box Ideas Out There

We searched high and low on the interweb to find the most creative ideas out there. These will likely require significantly more effort but are totally worth it for that “wow” factor!

The Most Creative Valentine Box Ideas Creative DIY Valentine Box Ideas

13. Piggy  (Giggles Galore) – This little piggy was made out of an old Clorox bottle. So clever!

14. R2D2 (The Joys of Boys) – A white trash bin with a swinging lid? How do people come up with this? Pure genius!

15. Feed Me (Small Fry) – Enlarge a photo with your child’s face and cut our their mouth. This post includes all the details to create your own!

16. Alligator (Crayon Box Chronicles) – How cool is this? An egg carton and some toilet paper rolls repurposed into this really cool reptile.

17. Cereal Box Face (Meaningful Mama) – Another fun one with your child’s face. How unique!

18. Happy Camper (Suzy’s Artsy-Craftsy Sitcom) – Whoa. Someone went all out with this one! So cute and so creative!

Valentine Box Ideas Girls

19. Personalized Trash Bin (U Create) – If you have access to a vinyl cutter, this would be a fun way to personalize a box.

20. Post Office Mailbox (Little Red Window) – They really took MAILbox literally with this post office mailbox replica.

21. Vending Machine (Orange You Crafty) – This one has so many details to it, it is worth a click. People are so creative!

22. Cupcake Trashbin (Real Simple) – Mind is blown with this idea. A swinging lid trashbin turned cupcake. So cool.

23. iPod (Mommy Lessons 101) – You could really have a lot of fun with the playlist on this one.

24. Rocket Booster (One Creative Mommy) – Here is a box that they could wear to school, not just carry it. Maybe it could even be repurposed as a dress-up toy later.

Valentine Box Ideas That Boys Will Love

For you boy mamas out there – not all valentine boxes are cutesy hearts and pink! Here are some ideas that your boys (and probably most girls) would totally love!

Valentine Box Ideas That Boys Will Love

Valentine Box Ideas For Boys25. Superman (Frogs and Snails and Puppy Dog Tails) – What little boy doesn’t love a good superhero theme? And Superman is a classic.

26. Shark (Paper Lust) – I love the added thrill of putting your hand in the shark’s mouth to drop off the card!

27. BB-8 (Bandit Lifestyle) – Anything Star Wars is #1 going to be popular and #2 never gonna get old.

28. Mario (Pink Stripey Socks) – For your favorite little gamer—this one is a classic!

29. Football (The Contemplative Creative) – If your little guy is totally into football this is a really fun way to do a football theme.

30. Basketball Hoop (It’s All About Ty and Ashlee) – For a little boy that loves the game of basketball, this one is simple but fun!

Valentine Box Ideas Boys Will Love

31. Captain America (Ashlee Proffit) – The Captain America symbol is sure to be recognized and not too hard to make!

32. Darth Vadar (Foster 2 Forever) – I always love me a good villain and no one tops Darth Vadar! What color lightsaber would your kiddo choose?

33. Batman (Sweet Paper Trail) – You can’t go wrong with Batman!

34. Train (Real Simple) – Most boys love trains. I love the detail of the hearts coming out like smoke.

35. Angry Birds (Julie’s Stamping Spot) – This post has not one, but several of the Angry Birds used for Valentine boxes.

36. Lego Ninja (Just a Girl and Her Blog) – Inspired by the movie, this is a fun idea!

Valentine Box Ideas For a Boy37. Football Field (Worth Pinning) – Another, more colorful, football field for the kid that loves the game!

38. Lego Character (ObSEUSSed) – This Lego character box is made out of a large red vine container. So creative!

39. Minecraft (Rays Of Bliss) – If your little guy loves this game, this might be a great one to choose!

40. Dinosaur (Adventures of Mel) – Here is a fun way to do a dinosaur valentine box. I love the little horns.

41. Pirate Ship (Artistic Expressions) – This might be my favorite one for the boys! The masts add so much visual appeal and who doesn’t love pirates?

42. Lightning McQueen Race Car (Stamp-n-Design) – Whoever made this one definitely put a lot of time and effort into this intricate depiction of this famous character from Cars.

Fun Valentine Mailbox Ideas43. Pokemon (DIY Adulation) – This one is super simple but would be recognized by all. If you are going for simple – look no further!

44. Tow Mater (Frugal 4 Four) – Look how clever they were with Mater! They even included the detail of one headlight!

45. Superhero (Rhonda Elm) – Boys love the idea of being a superhero. This post’s idea includes a generic superhero look and you can personalize it with your child’s name.

46. Lego Brick (Coffee Cups and Crayons) – You may hate stepping on them, but it makes for a creative (and easy to make!) Valentine box.

47. Love Tank (Show Tell Share) – A super manly box with a sweet flair! I love the heart ammo!

48. Pikachu (The Scrap Shoppe) – Just look at that cute face! I would choose you, Pikachu!

Valentine Box Ideas That Girls Will Love

For the girly girls out there – the pink overload and the cuteness are about to get real. Check out these super adorable boxes!

Valentine Box Ideas That Girls Will Love

Girl Valentine Box Ideas49. Unicorn Card Box (Arsty Fartsy Mama) – So cute. Just search “unicorn valentine box” and the results are magical. I loved this one for its simplicity.

50. Kitty Cat (Pretty Plain Janes) – This is the cat’s meow. I love everything about this one, especially that it is on a cake stand.

51. Hot Air Balloon (Giggles Galore) – All the heart eyes for this one! This one is cute and unique!

52. Princess Castle (Mommy Lessons 101) – There are so many things you can do with a castle box! You can personalize it for your own little princess.

53. Ruffle Cake (Craft That Party) – A crepe paper masterpiece! This is so clever and cute!

54. Cupcake (Adorn Event Styling) – A bucket, some styrofoam and tissue paper make up this darling cupcake!

Valentine Box Ideas That Girls Will Love55. Elephant (Scrapbook & Cards Today) – I love the use of the trunk to “open” the box. A very fun idea!

56. Trolls Poppy (Made By a Princess) – Trolls are super popular right now and this Poppy party favor would totally work for a cute Valentine box.

57. Girly Pirate Ship (One Creative Mommy) – Yes, that pirate flag’s skeleton has a pink bow. It totally adds some girly flair to the pirate ship.

58. Ice Cream (Morena’s Corner) – This mailbox is just delicious!

59. Little Mailbox (No Biggie) – A traditional mailbox is a simple idea that is also super cute!

60. Mermaid (A Little Sparkle) – Every girl loves mermaids. You could easily make this with some paper and an oatmeal container.

More Valentine Box Ideas

And, because we couldn’t resist – here are just a few more of our favorite valentine boxes. How are you ever going to choose?! Valentine Box Ideas

Valentine Box Ideas61. Minion (The Scrap Shoppe) – There are a lot of minion box ideas out there, but this one was my favorite. They totally captured the lovable character!

62. Panda Bear (Plaid ) – I love how this one has you feed the panda bear’s belly with the cards. And using a paper plate? Genius!

63. Perry the Platypus (Birthday Blueprint ) – This one is pretty clever and not too tricky to replicate. Those raised feet are so fun!

64. Bird House (One Creative Mommy) – How cute is this? The roof actually lifts for the cards to go inside.

65. Gumball Machine (Life With Fingerprints ) – I love all the details on this one. So creative!

66. Emoji (Brite and Bubbly) – This is technically a piñata, but would make such a cute valentine box – especially for older kids.

Favorite Valentine Box Ideas67. Minion (Purple) (The Joys of Boys) – How fun is that hair? It is purple Easter grass! Fun!

68. Mickey Mouse (Mouse Ears Mom) – Anything Disney is a win in my book! This post includes a Mickey and a Minnie box idea!

69. Doggy (Belle of Dirt) – A lot of boxes use paper, but I love how this one used felt. Great idea!

70. Locker (Plaid) – This could be a really fun idea for older kids!

71. Robot (Glue Sticks and Gumdrops) – Robots are always a popular idea for a Valentine box. There are so many ways that you can customize it based on what you already have around the house.

72. Woodland Creatures (Real Simple) – Made from a paper bag, these animals are adorable!
Valentine Box Ideas

73. Mike & Sulley Monsters Inc. (Disney Family) – This would be so cute to do as a pair. Either for your two kids or if your kid wanted to buddy up with a friend. So fun!

74. Cookie Monster (Sunflower Story Time) – This idea is technically a cookie toss game, but I think it would be perfect for a Valentine box!

75. Frog Prince (Plaid) – Notice that the tongue flaps down to reveal an opening! So clever!

Are you ready to rock that Valentine’s Day classroom activity or what? Send your kid with a stylish box that totally represents them and, most importantly enjoy the time together working on the project. Do you need to save these ideas for later? Pin them to your Pinterest board.

Happy Valentine’s Day!  













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