Prediction: The New “It” Art Piece Replacing “For Like Ever”

The home of Jessie and Brian Randall of Loeffler Randall, featured in Domino back in 2006. After publishing, the poster quickly sold out and has been a favorite ever since.

(Image credit: Domino)

The original Domino gave us a lot of things—stylish homes that weren’t stuffy, the concept of turning an outfit into a room and a bunch of talented editors that are still working in interiors today, creating content for design lovers everywhere. But sometimes I feel like the most visible legacy the magazine left behind was the “For Like Ever” poster.

Even if you don’t remember or never saw Jessie and Brian Randall’s home featured in Domino, you likely know exactly what I’m referencing.

This graphic poster sold by Super Rural (and created by Tracy Jenkins during her second year as an MFA student at Yale) was Millennial Pink before it even existed and kinda was ahead of its time in terms of both its meme-like text and generally Instagrammable ethos.

I’ve always liked this poster, but then again, so has everyone (at least, they have since 2006), which is the inherent problem with affordable art prints—they’re readily available. I never pulled the trigger on the Domino-approved poster because I just felt like it was too overexposed. But this past fall, when my dining room walls seemed to be lacking and I was on the hunt for a solution, I felt like the answer might be bold typography. I thought about “For Like Ever”…for like a second. And then I found something else that, while simpler and quieter, I think might be its heir apparent.

Meet “This Must Be The Place,” a print from Chasing Paper, which you might know as a removable wallpaper company that’s had collaborations with designers like Rebecca Atwood, Kelly Ventura and others. Last November, they launched a tightly curated print shop with pieces that work independent of or alongside a lot of their wallpapers. Owner Elizabeth Rees felt like there was a gap in large scale, affordable art offerings that she could help to fill, so she partnered with some favorite artists and even created a few designs under the Chasing Paper name herself, including “This Must Be The Place.” The phrase, from the title of a Talking Heads song by the same name, is a nice nod to feeling at home in your space and turning your space into the home you’ve always wanted—without getting too inspirational quote on you.

The 24″ by 36″ print is available, framed for $190 or un-framed for $90. I had mine framed in white by Framebridge, and up it went on my light gray walls. The first time I had people over, at least three different guests asked me about it. And the same was true at a holiday brunch I hosted. Sure, I only have a small sample set, but aren’t you happy to have a new pink poster to consider after all these years of “For Like Ever”?

Shop the look at Chasing Paper, Etsy & Society6:



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