This New IKEA Fashion Collaboration Is Bold —And Not For Everyone

With a new collection that can only be described as Alice In Wonderland meets the circus meets Hot Topic meets The Babadook meets that one Halloween costume of a CVS receipt, IKEA partnered with fashion activist Bea Akerlund to add a surprising amount of goth drama to your fave affordably priced retailer.

Coming to an IKEA near you this February (unless you live in Jacksonville or Grand Prairie, sorry), the OMEDELBAR limited edition collection inspired by old Hollywood glamour and the designer’s signature look.

“OMEDELBAR is all about having fun and not following conventions, and one key ingredient in the design was to play with dimensions.” With numerous oversized items, occasional luxe finishings, and surprising takes on classic objects the collection offers up a fair share of Dadaist whimsy.

Akerlund, who has worked with Beyonce, Madonna and Lady Gaga, has adopted the generically empowering phrase of “B. who you are” and considers the collection a testament to individuality and creativity.

The collection includes a pretty dope gold industrial clothes rack, numerous top-hat vases, a black lace bed canopy that is straight out of Beetlejuice and a recurring theme of red lips. There’s even a black limited edition version of the FRAKTA bag.

All items are priced in the reasonable IKEA fashion we all know and love — with the most expensive item (a black armchair) clocking in at $249, and going down from there. No word on when the collection will leave stores, but it is a limited run so if you’re interested, plan on heading to your nearest location next month.



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