Book Your Man-Free Vacation to This Woman-Only Island

Are you interested in women’s only coworking spaces like The Wing but not all that interested in the working part? Have we got an island for you! SuperShe Island is a female only island in the archipelago of Finland. It officially opens to the public in 2018, so gather your girls and get to planning.

SuperShe founder Kristina Roth was inspired to create the female-centric retreat after many “restorative vacations” in California. After witnessing how men could throw off the lady vibes, she wanted to create a space where women could just be. “When there was a cute guy, women would put on lipstick,” she told The New York Post. “The idea [at SuperShe island] is, hey, focus on yourself — don’t try to get your hormones up.” Sort of like a heteronormative Themyscira.

Roth discovered the island after falling in love with a Finn who convinced her to look at the island—his parents own the one next door (relatable stuff, this) so he was familiar with the area. Though initially reluctant, Roth grew to love the surroundings and decided to set up camp—literally.

From the video on the island’s site, the accommodations have a boho meets hygge vibe, and if Supershe’s brand is any indication, the island will make wellness and fitness a priority.

The island is taking member applications for June 2018 now.

More on living your best vacation life:

h/t The Cut



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