This Kid-Friendly Remodel Has a House Shaped Bed and a Slide

We love to see a design overhaul that realizes the complete potential of a space. Architecture company Wutopia Lab recently accomplished that feat by transforming a three-bedroom, two-bath apartment in Shanghai into an open floor plan filled with soothing neutrals that encourage rest and relaxation, and kid-friendly accessories that invite the tiny ones to let loose and play. That sounds like a difficult balance to achieve, but the results make it look like a fun, effortless endeavor.

In order to open up the space and allow more light in, the walls were removed. A neutral color palette helps to expand the apartment and gives it a sleek, modern feel. The renovation incorporated creative room-dividing options such as a hanging chair that cleverly divides the living room from the children’s area and curved design elements that form a hallway near the bathroom.

The apartment is also outfitted with stylish, space-saving built-ins, including a vanity with a backlit mirror in the parents’ bedroom. There’s also the most gleeful, kid-friendly contraption – a children’s bed built into a slide with an attached bookshelf.

The curved design theme continues throughout the apartment’s bathrooms. To ensure that privacy in the main bathroom is maintained, the transparent walls change to opaque when the space is occupied.

Subtle overhead lighting, a mirrored wall and large windows sufficiently illuminate the large kitchen area, which is equipped with a spacious island.

Among Wutopia Lab’s other impressive renovations are Shanghai’s Plain House, a conversion of two buildings into a residence and adjoining museum/workspace for artist Lin Bi; Eight-Tenths Garden, a former sales center-turned-arts and crafts museum and conference space; 123+Growth Center, a pine-veneer covered space designed specifically for children; and Zhongshu Bookstore, a haven for bibliophiles whose main attraction is its rainbow-inspired ceiling.



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