Could A Real Life Central Perk Be Coming To Your City?

If it’s always been your dream to hang out on a giant, plush orange couch with some coffee and your BFFs, you may be in luck. Some are speculating the possibility of a real-life Friends coffee shop coming to your city.

Per The Blast, Warner Bros. secured a copyright last month to use the name Central Perk for “coffee shop and cafe services.”

Food and beverage seems like a strange arena for Warner Bros. to bother with, but you have to admit, Central Perk’s got 20+ years of name recognition going for it. As a freelancer, I am all about cozy coffee shops, but how much more viable is a chain of stores as opposed to one tourist-friendly anchor store in New York? (You know, where real-life Central Park is?)

Again, this is all speculation, and maybe the company is just locking down the trademark now for safe keeping. According to The Blast, Warner Bros. filed for the name to use on lots of other stuff too, such as toys, board games and slot machines. However, the name use for these purposes still needs to be approved. Maybe the coffee shops in gambling-friendly states can have their own Central Perk-themed slots? Would Gunther approve?

In other Friends-related news, if you got sucked into that reunion movie trailer floating around YouTube, I hate to be the bearer of bad news – but it’s fake. Nice try, though! Despite having an indecipherable plot, it looks kind of convincing. Jennifer Aniston did tell Ellen that “anything was a possibility,” though.

Hopefully we can cope with the loss of a reunion in a Central Perk soon.



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