Happy Mind, Happy Life: A Valentine’s Day Gift

Source: Jess Watters from Pexels

Everyone needs love. We want to love, and we want to be loved.  Love is an energy that strengthens us internally and externally, for ourselves and for others.   When we are energized with love, we become better listeners for our partners.  We flow and grow when we are with them, are more compassionate and resilient.  We are able to feel and experience more in all we do with them. 

Yet, in this world where so many of us are operating under daily strains and distractions, it is easy to lose connection with the higher quality energy you may have shared with your partner early in your relationship.  Those were the days when all you had to do was hold your partner’s hand, take a walk along the beach or in the park, and your mind and body were lit. You wanted to experience the many layers of each other, enjoying the revelation of each. 

As time goes on in relationships, however, celebratory activities often have to get bigger and fancier for the same rewards, which eventually weaken in effect. This happens to just about everyone.  Not only does the tremendously rich energy you initially felt decline, but so do many of those aspects of our lives that were vitalized and sustained by it – everything from health to physical and mental strength. 

Nonetheless, the luxurious, high-quality energy of relationships we initially connect with is real.  And it doesn’t have to fade or run out.

In fact, you can use your body’s full energy spectrum to access the energies you need to live the life you want, the way you want, on a daily basis. I’m going to say that again because it’s important: on a daily basis. You can do this. You can literally reboot your body and mind into desired energetic states with fairly precise results for the things you do. I want you to know this before we move on Valentine’s Day because if you like the results you garner, there are many more accessible tools to help access your body’s energies and you can use them to experience everyday tasks more satisfyingly and ultimately into a more satisfying living.

The following are a few body-mind practices you and your partner may like to add to help enhance the “good vibes” this Valentine’s Day.

Use meditation. Start your day by bringing your best Self to your partner. Meditate the night before Valentine’s Day and again in the morning (or as early in the day as you can). Put your attention on the positive feelings you encounter, committing them to memory.  Mindfully tap into these throughout the day to keep you fresh.  

Use color. Wear something bright that makes you feel happy, relaxed, and alert.

Tap the power of old memories. Exciting, intimate memories—especially from early in your relationship—work well. Consider going to a favorite place you and your partner enjoyed when you were just meeting and your feelings were soaring. If you biked or hiked or jogged, try this activity again. Put your attention on the sensory details that sparked the way you felt physically and emotionally in the original experience. If you can’t actually go to your special place, you can simply reflect on a favorite emotional memory.  Use it to make you feel sensual.

Use the power of fragrance. How about the cologne or perfume your partner wore when you first met or on your wedding day (if you’re married). A very old mechanism deeply ingrained in our body-mind, scent works extremely fast to reboot moods and spark memory and behavior. When attached to emotional memory, its effects will be even stronger.

Use the power of music. Make a special musical playlist with your partner. Include songs—both from the past and currently—that are meaningful to you as a couple, such as a song from a first date, a concert you attended, a trip you took, your wedding, the birth of your child, and so on. As a side benefit, you are now making a new memory that you can use for positive energy in the future.

Use the power of visuals. Make a photo album of pictures that you already have that capture the joys you have experienced as a couple. Make a slide show (with music, if you want) you can place on your cell phone and enjoy together. Take pictures this year, too, so you will have them to help energize you for the rest of the year and beyond.

Use the power of gentle touch and peaceful verbal communication. Consider your partner’s spirit (I mean this nondenominationally). Deepen your listening to reaffirm for your partner that you are here for him or her and want to see/hear experience their many layers. See how these two simple things generate good feelings immediately.

Use the power of virtue. Virtue comprises acceptance, compassion, truth, unconditional love, and peace – helps create a safe, nurturing and growing environment.

Give each other time for reflection. Slow life down and enjoy each other’s unique energy. Enjoy the mutual energy that you are together. Enjoy the magnificence of the moment. Commit it to memory. Draw from it throughout the year.

Note:  If you wish to explore a wide variety of ideas on body-energy, you may like to check out my book, BODY INTELLIGENCE – Harness Your Body’s Energies for Your Best Life. Now in paperback. 

Photo by Jess Watters from Pexels



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