The Best Twitter Reactions To Tide’s Fake Super Bowl Ads

One company really cleaned up during the Super Bowl last night. Tide ran a bunch of ads that seemed like they’d be for Chrysler or Mr. Clean or Budweiser, but then Stranger Things star David Harbour showed up to let everyone know it was actually for detergent.

Everyone’s favorite Hawkins police chief serves, as AdWeek notes, “as an omniscient narrator of sorts, asking Super Bowl viewers to question every ad they see—because if you’re seeing clean clothes, you could be watching a Tide ad.”

(Image credit: Procter & Gamble)

And there were quite a few of them—eleven to be exact (the irony is not lost on us). The Tide takeover resulted in some pretty hilarious responses on Twitter. Like what if Stranger Things is just multi-season commercial?

Or if it’s bigger than that:

Even some of the spoofed brands had fun with it:

We had a lot of feelings about this, too:

Tide even had something to say about that blackout:

They were so good, we almost forgot about the Tide Pod challenge—almost:

And then this guy reached prank level: epic.



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