8 Pictures that Prove IKEA’s EKBY ALEX is the Sleekest Storage Around

At $46.99 and a mere 12 inches deep, the EKBY ALEX is one of IKEA’s best examples of sleek, minimal furniture that lends itself to an impressive array of uses and customization options. With two drawers and a surface that can be used as a shelf or table, the EKBY ALEX maximizes storage in small spaces like only our favorite Swedish pieces can.

When the EKBY ALEX is mounted to the wall with no visible brackets, as these denizens did on Yellow Brick Home (above), the “floating” look is not only sleek, but striking. Placing the unit on a contrasting color wall accentuates it as a fun feature piece.

When mounted on a white wall, as seen here from Maria Harmuth, the EKBY ALEX blends into its surroundings, minimizing any sense of crowding that can happen when furniture juts into a room.

Even many beds without risers can fit an EKBY ALEX beneath them, like this idea from Wohnidee. And the IKEA find is so much nicer and more functional (hello, drawers) than a plastic under-bed storage bin.

A vanity is a luxury in a small space, but the narrow profile of the EKBY ALEX makes it a possibly. Black mounting brackets, like here in this IKEA photo, make it edgy.

In addition to serving as a desk in its own right, the ever-versatile EKBY ALEX can also work in an office space as a shelf (with drawers, yay!).

This beautiful use of the EKBY ALEX from A New Bloom is technically also a vanity, but we can picture it as a lovely, peaceful console table instead.

For tiny living rooms, EKBY ALEX can serve as low-profile storage, shelving, and, when necessary, a rolling coffee table that can be moved near the couch.

Alternately, you can create a statement piece by playing up the legs, like The Crazy Kitchen did here, with these copper hairpin legs on an EKBY ALEX-turned-console-table.

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