Minimalist Entryways That Have Just What You Need (& Nothing More)

The entryway. It’s the last touch point with home on the way out the door, and the first point of contact after a long day. Home to shoes, bags, and accessories, it carries the important responsibility of organizing the things that help your day run more smoothly— not to mention warmly welcoming you and your guests back home. In this case, sometimes less is more, especially when simplicity helps you get out the door in the morning, and doesn’t overwhelm you with chaos upon return.

We’ve been following along with the #TheGreyHouseBuild on Instagram and we think Kassandra nailed her entryway: a space full of light with a sturdy wood bench for putting on shoes, hooks for all the essentials (like a dinosaur hoodie in this case), and a place to hang her hat. This entryway is stripped down to the basics, and that’s all they need.

Despite the full visual impact of the wallpaper, this entryway — seen on CocoCozy — is actually quite simple. A hook/shelf combo fits perfectly in the nook, and a tiny IKEA cabinet installed up high offers a little bit of closed storage. An added folding stool is just enough surface to either sit for a second, or hold a bag or so.

Richard Lindvall designed this shallow ledge table in his own entryway, seen on Fantastic Frank. Combined with the large leaning mirror, it’s the perfect solution for a long narrow entryway where little else could fit. A few hooks top everything off.

This entryway from Amber Interiors (also the lead image) is spacious but also minimal. Grounding the space with a beautiful rug makes for a cozy and welcoming entrance to the home. A big mirror offers a last glance at the day’s outfit before heading out the door, and a bench is always a must-have for somewhere to throw your purse, drape your jacket, or sit down and tie your shoes. Lastly, a plant is a welcoming touch that adds a breath of life.

Shoe storage, hooks and a mirror to check yourself out — this entryway seen on Coco Lapine Design, has all the bases covered. The cabinet surface is a great place to throw your keys. With ample hooks for storing everything from your scarves to your purse, and then a cabinet for your boots and shoes — we couldn’t ask for more!

Almost Makes Perfect does a great job leveraging baskets. Acting as different organization stations, she has baskets on the bench for things like keys or mail, and a basket on the floor for necessities like scarves and gloves. Space for shoes and sandals under the bench, reusable grocery bags hanging on the wall, and a big mirror for any last minute touch ups.

We love this simple take on an entryway, seen on Design*Sponge. Low on space? No problem. If your space is not conducive to a big bench or a chest, try attaching a simple shelf to the wall. It’s a quick fix that can have a big impact on your organization. This shelf has added hooks for hats and bags, and room on top for wallets, keys, and whatever other catch-alls you might need room for.



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