Chrissy Teigen Calls Out John Legend For This Very Relatable Reason

Relatable model/cookbook author/TV show host/best friend in my head Chrissy Teigen picked a very public bone with her husband John Legend on Twitter Wednesday evening. This three-part saga takes a classic domestic squabble and elevates it to a hilarious level.

How dare you, John? On behalf of responsible phone charger owners everywhere, how dare you.

Good move, Chrissy. This charger is extra cute and would stand out in a sea of black, white, and gray chargers, removing any possibility of the classic, “oh, I thought that was mine” argument.

What a ride.

Thank you Chrissy and John, for letting us know that even if you are extremely wealthy, extremely hot and parents to the cutest of babies, that it can’t keep you from the most mundane of couple squabbles.

What’s your most mundane domestic tiff? Tell us in the comments.

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