Stop Throwing Away Your Used Candles! 9 Clever Ways to Repurpose Those Jars

I love candles, and I particularly love candles that come in beautiful containers, because they smell and look lovely. But this leads to a particular conundrum: what do you do with the jar the candle came in once the candle is gone? It seems like a pity to throw them away, but what are you going to do with a small constellation of empty jars? We’ve got some ideas.

One of the easiest ways to repurpose a candle jar is to turn it into a vase, as seen above from Lemon Stripes. Since it will probably take only a few blossoms to fill the jar, this is a budget-friendly way to indulge in fresh flowers.

Another great use that’ll also get your bathroom or vanity under control is to use candle jars to organize makeup, as seen on Thirteen Thoughts. Collect like items in a single jar to make it easy to find things (plus, it’ll look more purposeful).

Larger candle jars are great for holding makeup brushes: smaller ones can hold Q-tips and cotton pads, as seen on Skona Hem, via Gucki.

Candle jars, as it turns out, are the perfect size for planting small succulents. How perfect are these little pots from Fine Life Co.? (Just be careful not to overwater.)

Got a massive collection of colored pencils or art markers? Keep them all organized with candle jars, as seen on Lonny.

From Dwell Beautiful, here’s another example of using candle jars to store craft supplies. (The lid is handy for keeping things from getting dusty.)

Sabrina from The Beauty Look Book discovered that a Diptyque mini candle jar is the perfect size for holding paper clips.

Here’s a clever idea: use a candle jar for matches, and place a strike strip on the bottom so you can strike them on the jar. Get the details at Bryn Alexandra.

Want to add a little greenery to your home? A Pair & A Spare has directions for using old candle jars to grow spring bulbs. These flowers will last longer than cut ones, and you’ll have the satisfaction of knowing that you grew them yourself.

Primed with ideas but stuck with waxy jars? We’ve got a video for that!

One Minute Tip: How to Remove the Wax from Your Candle Jars



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