The Clever Small Space Kitchen Hack Hiding in IKEA’s Children’s Section

Touring Mona Hamilton’s 650-square-foot Montreal apartment is very inspiring. Not only is it a soothing, lovely space with enviable elements (the removable wallpaper in the kitchen being one of them), but it also features a hack that could be a great space saver for small kitchens or kitchens that need more counterspace. And the source of this hack’s furniture elements is rather surprising.

Hacking IKEA components is NOT a new idea. (We have even published one or two or 100s before). But Mona used unusual IKEA pieces for this clever kitchen hack. Though her kitchen isn’t small, it wasn’t very well appointed, featuring an odd layout and not a lot of counterspace or storage. So she decided to make her own cabinet unit next to the stove and make room for a small mini fridge instead of a standard size one.

Can you recognize which IKEA pieces make up this kitchen hack? Mona used two SNIGLAR changing tables on either side of a small IGLOO mini fridge! At under $100 for the two tables, she was already doing great for a tight budget. But then, she was able to find a LINNMON table top in the half-price sale section at IKEA.

“Everything was the perfect size to fit a mini fridge underneath!”

She added more shelves to the tables for extra storage…and voila! Not counting the mini fridge, you could create a similar setup in your kitchen for less than $150. Life lesson learned: Don’t be afraid to look through the children’s section for furniture hack ideas!



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