Check Out The Floor Plans From Your Favorite TV Kitchens

Ever since Lucy Ricardo accidentally baked the world’s biggest loaf of bread on a 1952 episode of I Love Lucy, kitchens have been at the center of virtually every TV family’s story. In honor of TV’s love affair with the kitchen, HomeAdvisor, the marketplace that connects homeowners to home improvement pros, has carefully rendered the floor plans of some of your favorite TV hearts of the home. Whether you’re planning a nostalgic 90s reno or simply have been dying for a top-down view of Winona Ryder’s kitchen on Stranger Things, you’re going to want to check these out.

The Banks family kitchen was the place for chillin’ out, maxin’ relaxin’ all cool on The Fresh Prince of Bel Air. This spacious kitchen had multiple islands, roving countertops, and boasted a sun-drenched dining area — and with its blond woods and completely neutral color palette this kitchen epitomizes 90s contemporary luxury. Not to mention, it always offered enough space for Carlton’s dancing to Tom Jones.

Lovable, neurotic, cleaning-obsessed Monica Gellar was the mother hen on Friends. Her Greenwich Village apartment was one of the characters’ main gathering spots. Those turquoise cabinets, that exposed brick, the decorative kitsch….we’d bake English trifles or jar copious amount of jam in this kitchen any day. And if you’ve always dreamed of hanging out in that other famous Friends gathering spot — you just might be getting a Central Perk near you soon.

Dare we say that Jess and the gang’s hip LA Arts District loft on New Girl is today’s equivalent of Monica’s plush Greenwich Village pad? It’s the oh-so-cool apartment you’d kill to have if it ever truly existed in your budget (and yes, Schmidt is totally Monica in this scenario). Ok, so not much is ever consumed in this kitchen aside from beer,s but its open layout, huge island, industrial finishes, and cool blue walls make it an ideal hangout spot for the four roomies and all their friends.

Sheldon’s kitchen on Big Bang Theory offers a similarly modern feel to the one on New Girl but on a smaller scale. The kitchen may be compact but with a mixture of modern wood cabinets and open shelving, and stainless steel appliances it manages to offer all the essentials for Sheldon, Leonard, Penny, and the rest of the Caltech gang.

The dining table defined the kitchen space in Malcolm in the Middle’s chaotic world. In a kitchen with limited countertops like the Wilkerson’s L-shaped ones seen here, a central kitchen table like theirs might also double as valuable prep space.

Love vintage 80s home decor? Look no further than Joyce Byer’s dimly-lit kitchen from Stranger Things. I mean, those vinyl floral kitchen chairs are everything, right? The L-shaped kitchen counters offer limited prep space, but a red brick fireplace in the room brings a bit of warmth to the otherwise kinda dreary kitchen.

For the ultimate retro kitchen, there’s nothing better than Don and Betty Draper’s Mad Men kitchen. There were of course those pine cabinets and a rounded formica island that defined the vintage feel. The upstate New York space was the perfect spot to light up a cigarette, sip a martini, and throw the Shake n’ Bake in one of the double ovens. My favorite part of this kitchen might just be the plaid wallpaper. While Draper family dinners were hardly ever warm there is something inviting about this iconic kitchen of yesteryear.

Only slightly more dystopian than Draper family dinners is the kitchen of Commander Fred from The Handmaid’s Tale. The room is stark and simple. The design choice for basic shaker cabinetry in moody grey-blue hues fits perfectly with the show’s New England setting and Puritanical-based themes. As much as we dispose Commander Fred, his kitchen is also totally on trend — check out our Top Kitchen Paint Colors for 2018.



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