The Most Punny IKEA Joke We’ve Heard In Awhile Involves Fraiser

Do you love jokes? Do you love IKEA? Do you love Seattle based ’90s sitcoms? Well, have we got a joke for you. Twitter user Sean Leahy put forth the most exquisite of IKEA catalog jokes on Thursday, leaning heavily into the internet trend of being obsessed with Frasier.

Known as The Punningman, Leahy more than lives up to his moniker with this truly grade A joke. Without further adieu…

If it’s taking you a second, maybe this will help…

Who knew there were four whole minutes of that theme song?! If you’ve got plenty of time on your hands, I would love a full Frasier song of IKEA puns. Please contact me when completed.

It would seem wrong not to acknowledge the original viral IKEA pun video.

The tweet is especially timely after a week of touching and poignant tributes to the late John Mahoney, who played Martin Crane on the show, a nice coda to a week when the long-running sitcom has been on peoples’ minds.

It’s Friday, hit us with your best IKEA jokes!



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