This Guy Had An Epiphany About His Dishwasher, And Now We’re Enlightened Too

This week we want to thank an Irish guy on Twitter, whose vent about his dishwasher is relatable to everyone. Especially anyone who’s ever had an epiphany about a simple feature of their household appliance, but only after fighting against it for a very long time.

“Mr. Dishwasher” Mike McLoughlin recently went viral on Twitter for having one of those simultaneously head-banging and hallelujah-inducing moments when you find out about the actual capabilities of one of your appliances — especially after fighting with said appliance for so long over that. one. super. frustrating. thing.

And, seriously, is there anyone who can’t relate to his #doh moment? Because who actually reads their manuals cover to cover, anyway? Each appliance that comes into our lives — be it as an owner or a renter — should really come with a guided tour or punchy Southwest Airlines-style safety video featurette. (I did learn when purchasing a juicer for the first time that many major brands actually do now provide tutorials that cover not just the basic functions but all those nifty advanced features, found via a quick YouTube search for the brand’s channel. Some of them even cover popular older models. But I digress.)

Over a decade ago, I had my own Mr. Dishwasher moment — more of a Mrs. Fridge moment. After living a full two years with the freezer door on our rental fridge opening towards the wall, we realized that we could just switch around the hardware and fix the problem. It took us all of about 30 minutes but put years back on our lives.

If you saw McLoughlin’s tweet and wanted to hit like, then unlike it, just so you could like it again, then check out this guide to how to get the most out of your dishwasher.



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