11 Last-Minute Valentine’s Day Gifts (That Totally Still Feel Like You Tried)

Did Valentine’s Day sneak up on you this year? Do you and your partner usually not really do Valentines but they happened to mention they got you something? Have you spent so much time trying to figure out the perfect something for that special someone that now you’re worried it’s too late? Don’t panic. There’s bound to be something on this list that they’re sure to love.

Above: This ultra-romantic set, containing two heart-shaped cheeses, cacao nib chocolate cookies, and raspberry-rose preserves, is shipped overnight so it’s sure to arrive on time. To be safe, order by Monday 2/12. It should go without saying that if you don’t happen to have a Valentine, you are highly encouraged to order all of these for yourself—no sharing required.

The only thing more romantic than sharing a pint of ice cream is ordering a bunch of pints so you don’t have to share. Jeni’s pints arrive 1-2 days after being shipped (overnight shipping is also available), and you need to order at least three pints. I would go for Pistachio & Honey, Gooey Butter Cake, and Brambleberry Crisp—and you might want to throw in some sexy sauces while you’re at it.

Give your Valentine the promise of many date nights to come. Fandango gift cards can be emailed or printed at the last minute, and Fandango is even running a floral bouquet promotion for the holiday. Pro tip: You could go out to a movie on the 14th, but why not wait until the 15th, fill your bag with a bunch of discount Valentine’s Day candy, and go see Black Panther?

Be sure to have a bottle of your Valentine’s preferred bubbly (or any other libation) on-hand for the holiday. Express delivery is usually $5.99, but it’s free with a 14-day trial Instacart subscription. Pro tip: Be sure express delivery is available to your home.

Blowout Gift Card at Drybar, Starting at $40 (prices vary by location)

Whether you’re going out or celebrating in, help your Valentine feel their most fabulous with a blowout at one of Drybar’s 69 (nice) locations. Their gift cards are emailable or printable for last-minute gift giving, though you might want to consider booking an appointment ahead of time.

For $20, Net-A-Porter will make next-day deliveries to most US locations, but if you’re not running quite that late, the 3-business-day delivery is free. And while the clothes offered by Net-A-Porter tend toward the feminine, there are lots of luxurious bath and body products sure to appeal to Valentines of all genders. Pro tip: If your budget allows it, Net-A-Porter also sells many glorious robes with commas in their prices.

Give the gift of planning, looking forward to, and finally experiencing a romantic getaway together. The gift card alone is great, but to show a bit of extra effort, print out a few options your Valentine might especially like.

While a printed-out or emailed Sephora gift card would be much-appreciated by any beauty lover, an item that your Valentine’s been coveting shows thought and care. Rihanna’s Fenty is one of the most beloved makeup collections ever, but you could also check your loved one’s Twitter or IG account for any skincare discussions in which they’ve mentioned their most-wanted products.

Give the gift of a delightful and romantic modern love story delivered straight to your Valentine’s Kindle. If you have Prime and a bit of time, order the paperback version by Monday 2/12 for delivery on the fourteenth.

Stitcher Premium or other podcast subscription, $34.99/year

If your Valentine is an avid podcast listener, there’s a good chance that they both wish they could listen to bonus episodes and listen to their favorites without commercial interruptions. Make a list of all the podcasts they’ve mentioned loving, figure out which subscription service features the most of them, and then sign them up. The first month might be free, just in case you happen to guess wrong.

A love letter, from the heart, free

Whether or not you make a saucy postcard from an old romance novel as in our tutorial, a declaration of love is always a precious gift sure to be treasured for years to come. Although also throwing in a stack of Ritter Sport bars isn’t a bad idea!

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