This College Student Skipped The Dorm and Built a Tiny House Instead

No matter what the (probably hungover, definitely underpaid) tour guide told you when you visited campus the first time, dorm life is not “the best.” It’s expensive and crowded and you have to wear flip flops in the shower. Which is why a college student named Bradley opted out of the midnight microwave popcorn fires and endless acoustic versions of Wonderwall by building his own tiny house, nicknamed Rolling Quarters.

After spending a year paying for housing, Bradley decided he wasn’t about that life and moved home to start saving for his tiny house dreams. He purchased the trailer first, bought as many supplies as he could used and off Craigslist, and purchased the vinyl siding and a few other things new. All told, it cost about $15,000.

The charming house has a cabin like interior, with wood floors and a wood planked ceiling. The tiny kitchen is full of super sneaky and super smart storage hacks (how many pot hooks can you spot?). There is storage tucked under the stairs as well.

The house is 230 square feet, but Bradley has been able to host up to 25 people. It’s air conditioned (a Florida must) and perfectly sized for one very ambitious college student. You can even rent it out on Airbnb.

You can see more photos on Rolling Quarters Instagram.

h/t My Modern Met



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