9 Kids Rooms Using IKEA’s Trofast as Genius Storage

Storage for kids’ things can be tricky. It has to be user-friendly enough that kids can put their own things away and versatile enough to grow with them and accommodate their ever-revolving collection of toys. IKEA’s Trofast system fit the bill; it’s adaptable, can either blend into the background or make a statement, and its offers enough customization options to solve a range of organization conundrums.

This room, from the now-defunct blog Montessori Moments, has gone all-out with Trofast storage, creating a play surface and desk by placing a table top on a low unit (on wheels, no less) and maximizing vertical storage with the six-drawer-high taller units. The bins’ hues contribute to the fun, kid-color vibe of the room.

These Trofast units seen on Hus & Hem, which appear to be on casters for added flexibility, add color with their painted cases yet manage not to scream “storage” with their understated white bins.

Combining bin storage with open shelving and using two colors makes this Trofast unit, styled by IKEA, versatile, practical, and artistic.

Another room put together by IKEA boasts three tiers of Trofast, two of them wall-mounted, which gives this beautiful, neutral room all the storage it needs and then some.

Aimee, who blogs at The Crazy Craft Lady, fashioned a train table out of this Trofast unit and it became the focal point of this playroom, providing storage for all the train pieces as well as a play surface.

This Trofast-turned-desk hack, seen on Kids Room Ideas, combines book storage, toy storage, and tabletop support.

Trofast shines as Lego storage. In this room from The Family Handyman, the bins are the perfect size (not too big and shallow enough) to sort Legos and being able to slide them all the way out and onto the floor is a great option for a Lego-building sesh.

This Trofast Lego storage solution, by I Heart Organizing, sorts bricks by color, a great choice when it comes organizing this kids’ toy that can easily overwhelm a room (or house!).

This pink and white Trofast child’s wardrobe, from Oh Happy Play is the cutest “closet” I’ve ever seen.

Looking for more ways to hack Trofast? Check out the best IKEA Trofast hacks right here.

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