Plant Parents Will Love This Brazilian Home Designed Around a Tropical Garden

This stunner of a modern home seamlessly blends indoors and out with a sleek elegance that delights and surprises. Architect David Guerra designed this concrete and glass oasis for clients in Minas Gerais in southeastern Brazil.

Located on a hillside with stunning views, the ground floor of the home is designed with sliding glass doors to create a sense of unity with nature. The focal point of the home is a tropical garden in the center of the house, full of plants native to and evocative of the area. It is also surrounded by large glass windows and glass doors for easy access.

“The landscape that unravels in the horizon along with the garden all around the house, and on the inside with a winter garden, makes so that the house lives harmoniously with the landscape allowing for contemplation in every direction,” Guerra says.

Designed with hosting in mind, the open plan layout creates an easy flow from room to room. The living room and dining area (with a gorgeous hanging fireplace) open onto a long veranda. There’s also a swimming pool and covered entertainment area with a bar. Perhaps the second most enviable element of the home however, is the glassed in hot tub area, perfect for year round relaxation.

h/t Dezeen

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