Sneak Peek: The New Anthropologie Catalog is Coming & It’s GOOD

Well, Anthropologie has done it again, folks. Their Spring 2018 House + Home catalog is about to drop tomorrow, we got a sneak peek and it’s GOOD. Almost good enough for me to feel like the end of all this sub-freezing, winter weather nonsense is really just around the corner (also so good that we almost titled this piece “We’re calling it: The Anthropologie Catalog Might Be the New IKEA Catalog” but then decided to cool our jets). So if you’re looking to escape the cold (at least visually!) or you just plain want some inspo for getting your space spring ready, take these design ideas from the catalog and run with them.

First, let’s talk about color. If the catalog is any indicator, House Beautiful’s Sophie Donelson was right on the money when she called lavender the new new earlier this year. Officially, Anthro says they’re “inviting Mother Nature and her colors back indoors,” and you can find lilac-tinged wall art, ceramics and even a low-slung linen couch strewn about the pages. This pastel purple apparently references “sun-drenched canyons” and to nail that artful Anthro mix, is best paired with sand and raspberry. Point taken.

Texture is another big focus, and the company is going all in on woven lighting in particular. Makes sense—the ’70s have definitely been resurfacing in design, and materials like rattan, raffia and macrame are turning up everywhere. Many of the catalog’s styled vignettes, from dining areas to bedrooms, feature statement-making woven pendants. Some are solo; others are shown in groupings; some are tight weaves; others are looser or composed of just tassels. And it’s important to note that all options aren’t tan or natural. There are some darker dyed styles too, which seems like where this trend is going for 2018.

Subtle shine has been a theme with a lot of the matte mixed metals that have been so popular. But Anthro is taking this idea a step further and pushing iridescence in fabrics, upholstery, candles and even glass lighting now, too. With its neutral yet punchy pattern and hint of glimmer, the Katrina Sectional in the White Rosa Print was a standout for me. I’m always looking for ways to incorporate pattern without making my spaces feel super busy, and this piece seems like one way to do it, at least in this light tonal colorway.

Speaking of which, bolder abstract patterns are still going strong in the Anthro world, and there’s emphasis on bringing them in underfoot with rugs, on walls with framed prints, bedding and on furniture. And there’s a micro trend going on here as well—mixing piles within one rug appears to be the latest way to add visual interest (and coziness!) to floors. On the whole, patterns seem very geometric, featuring shapes in varying sizes and scales within single pieces.

We’ve been telling you about the comeback of terrazzo for a while now, and Anthro is already on that train for spring. I like the way they’ve interpreted this trend. Instead of going full throttle with a terrazzo dining table, for example, they’ve incorporated the material as an oversized handle on maybe the prettiest bar cabinet I’ve ever seen.

We should talk about velvet, too, because Italian-inspired chairs and sofas in this fabric are all over the pages. Somehow they look plush and sleek at the same time—I think the dark, jewel toned hues help, of course, in addition to the streamlined yet playful silhouettes. There are some pastels thrown in there as well (yep, you guessed it, pink), and they’re equally chic but a little dreamier and more feminine as a whole.

And should you think black-and-white is over, think again. There’s a whole section dedicated to this classic combo, with the standout pieces being, in my opinion, a trio of patterned occasional chairs. They’re the type of items that can be that bold exclamation point in a room. And in black-and-white, they can pretty much work with any color scheme you already have going in your space.

You can also expect the usual kantha quilts, sun-kissed Southwestern-inspired ceramics, safari leather sofas, floral dinnerware—basically the updated standard Anthro fare we’ve all come to know, love and expect from the company each season.

Yes, I’ve basically annotated the 100-page catalog for you, but go ahead and give it a read. It won’t disappoint and definitely brings spring vibes in spaces. And check out all the new arrivals in one place, while you’re at it.



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