6 Essential IKEA Pieces That’ll Help You Take Control of Your Shoepocalypse

One of the most common questions we see around Apartment Therapy from readers revolves around shoe storage. No matter if they have a small space or a sprawling home, there never seem to be enough space for shoes (at least in a way that looks good and is easy to maneuver). Of course, baskets throw in a closet or near the front door is a fast and cheap fix, but who really wants to dig through a dirty tangle of tennis shoes and boots every time you’re running out the door? It’s time to take control of your shoepocalypse, and these six essential IKEA pieces should help.

Under-bed storage is always a smart solution for a small space (if you have the clearance for it), but usually, retail options can be bulky and a bit annoying to maneuver. Which is why we love the incredibly smart under-bed drawer in the image above via IKEA. The clever DIY is actually nothing more than a Veddinge kitchen cabinet door front jazzed up with molding (the lip keeps the shoes in place) and casters.

While no one should be surprised to see the Hemnes shoe cabinet ($99) on this round up, it would be a mistake to leave it off an “essentials” shopping list. At less than a foot deep, it’s an awesome addition to a tight and narrow entryway or hallway (plus, it holds up to 16 pairs of shoes).

A classic foyer staple, hanging racks can do so much more than just hold your coat. One with larger hooks, like the Kartotek Rack ($12.99) above, can actually do wonders for holding shoes if you place then just a few inches above your baseboard. Line a few of these together to store about five pairs of shoes off the ground and in an organized matter.

You might be intimately familiar with the IKEA catalog, but chances are you’ve missed this item entirely. While the Synas Light Box ($29.99 each) isn’t a space saver, it’s too cool not to include. These special boxes would be wonderful to display any shoes—or other items—that are memorable (like wedding shoes, a prized family possession, etc.).

The Mackapar collection often gets forgotten because of the wide appeal of the Hemnes featured earlier, but the unassuming line is a personal favorite. Pair the Shoe Storage Cabinet ($59.99) with the lower Storage Unit ($59.99)—add a cushion to use as a bench—and you’ll have carved out quite the landing strip for yourself.

How impressive is this wall of shoes spotted on IKEA Hackers? Several rows of Grundtal rails (starting at $6.99) are ideal for perching high heels on, while added S hooks facilitate the storage of wedges. Our favorite part of this whole set up, though, is the combo of Grundtal rail + Variera Storage Box ($11.99). What a great look, space saving solution for a totally enviable closet.

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