An Industrial Eclectic Bachelor Pad in Texas — House Call

Name: Matthew Minor
Location: Fort Worth, TX
Size: 895 square feet
Years lived in: 3 years, renting

I moved to Fort Worth, my hometown, after 10 years in NYC. To make a leap this big, I needed to be excited about my home. When I was in Texas for Easter, my mom and I were driving and I saw what looked like a warehouse being advertised as lofts. After seeing inside, I knew where I was going to live.

(Image credit: Bree Perez)

With the exposed piping, stained concrete and massive column smack dab in the middle of the room, the bones informed my decor in a major way. With a mix of Turkish rugs and West Elm and vintage Danish furniture that has been in my family for years, things began to take shape. I am an actor/realtor who dabbles in design and I had found my hardest client to date: myself. But my place has become home and I love being there.

(Image credit: Bree Perez)

(Image credit: Bree Perez)

I think picking pieces you can’t live without is a surefire way to get the ideas rolling. Mixing wood and metal and rock and leather, do it! Don’t get tied to the whole “all the hardware in the kitchen is polished nickel blah blah” Who cares? Choose what you love, not what you think you should.

(Image credit: Bree Perez)

(Image credit: Bree Perez)

(Image credit: Bree Perez)

I sprung for a massive canopy bed to celebrate the height of the room and went with white bedding and white drapes finished off with two architectural prints of Roman columns I found at a consignment store. My goal was to make the bedroom feel like a hotel room I’d want to visit, and I think I achieved that.

(Image credit: Bree Perez)

Thanks, Matthew!

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