Polly Pocket Is Staging a Tiny-Sized Comeback

You’ve got to love a comeback. After making a splash this summer for being a cash queen, Polly Pocket is officially back in business. BuzzFeed reports that the compact toys will once again be available to own, love and cherish—starting this very summer.

The Polly Pocket compacts were first launched in 1989 and quickly became staples on the slumber party scene. Each toy came with a Polly doll and a new, incredibly small habitat for her to reign over. There were movie collaborations, outdoor scenes, tea parties, she lived a wide and varied life. Over 10 million toys were sold over the years so odds are you either owned one, coveted one or stepped on one that belonged to your kid.

Mattel bought the brand in 1998, making the dolls and kits much larger and losing a significant amount of the toy’s charm. The re-release will be slightly larger than the original, but still compact enough to toss into your purse (for your kid or you, no judgements). They’ve kept the bright and fun color scheme and have given the dolls a more modern look. The new line will be available in the U.S. in June. Nothing but respect for our small-space-living queen.

h/t Scary Mommy

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